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Monday , December 9 , 2002


Here's a splendiforic idea, friends! Let's refrain from any shin kicking, and instead Hell! play against each other in Hell! Yahoo Games. How's that sound?

I think we can settle this in a Rationale Tangent. After the current story line, I'll dedicate two weeks to determining which system rules supreme. It'll be tournament style, and I'll take all bets into account. I dunno, maybe the winners will receive an autographed T-Shirt or something. We'll see. Send all bets on which system will win (between the X-Box, PlayStation 2 and GameCube) to me by clicking on Sam's portrait beside this post. This should be interesting.

Email Sam (James) | posted at: 6/24/2002 12:47:23 AM

You suck Alex.. I only play the XBox is because its FREE and its the only game system that is here at work. See I play it all at work because my job rocks. Thats the only time I play the XBox when I'm bored and have no other game systems around.

I do rock and everyone knows it, so next time you see Alex kick him in the shin instead of me.

Email Corey | posted at: 6/19/2002 04:12:27 PM

First off, a factual correction.

The PS2 does indeed have a cooling fan. James thought it lacked one as well, but let me assure you all, my PS2 has a cooling fan in the back. I've seen it with my own eyes. I can take a picture of it if any of you still have doubts.

Now...I believe my severe animosity towards the Gamecube comes from the fact that up until this system, I was a Nintendo fan, and I feel let down by this system. Nintendo's games, for the most part, have been catering to younger and younger audiences. The controllers have been getting unneccessarily complex. The emphasis is all going on graphics and not on gameplay...Plus the fact that I can't really hold or play with those ridiculous tiny controllers. If they didn't have triggers/shoulder buttons, I could play with one hand, but nooooo, they've gotta have eleventeen buttons.

The PS2 is just such a solid piece of equipment. It plays CDs, PS1 games, PS2 games, DVDs, and doesn't require you to learn a new controller. That playing of PS1 games is a particularly nice option...Anyone who won't take my word that fewer systems wired up are better than many, just ask James "But what if you want to play Super Nintendo?"

About the XboX...Personally, I'd list upgradability similar to a computer as a con, and not a pro. You KNOW no upgrade is going to make it equal to the next line of next-gen systems, it's just going to mean having to spend an extra $30 or $40 before you can play that latest new game. When I buy a system, I want it to come to me complete and ready to play all of its own games.

James, I agree. we don't have to agree on everything. And I do rock. ;) But that's cool, because you rock too. And so does the Fuzz. Corey doesn't rock, however. He plays XboX. Next time you people out there see him, kick him in the shin.

Email | posted at: 6/18/2002 12:21:12 PM

Another thing I might add to fuzz's con list on the XBox.... The XBox is a Microsoft product so it locks up just like Microsoft products. Any other game system that I've seen doesn't lock up like the XBox. Like I said it is a Microsoft product.

Oh and one more thing James.... Nintendo has been around for over a hundred years. To be exact Nintendo has been around since 1889. I figured I would tell everyone the date that Nintendo has been around.

Email Corey | posted at: 6/17/2002 03:25:24 AM

Honestly, if I had the money for all three systems I would be playing them all.

Here are the Fuzz's pro-and-cons for each system.

-Upgradablility similar to a computer
-Solid franchises back with good games (Halo, etc)

-Controller is friggin Huge (that logo is SO unnecesary)
-Very new to the console world, hasn't exactly stood the test of time

-Solid, Solid, SOLID characters, family oriented, GAMING system
-Excellent Graphics (anti-aliasing, low load times)

-No DVD playing abilities

-Huge game library
-Good investment

-No cooling fan
-Slightly depressing graphics (non Anti-aliased, yadda yadda

I'd love ot have all three. but, I got a cube for X-mas, so I love that... but if I buy another next-gen system, it'll probably be a PS2.

Email FuzzMachine | posted at: 6/16/2002 11:52:49 PM

BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH! The XBox sucks, but I still play it. Yeah the controllers are really FREAKIN' huge, but hey there are some cool games the system has. Plus I play it for FREE and have fun. I also get to know some people, thats all that matters. Just thought I might throw that in there. Until next time....Peace Out!
Email Corey | posted at: 6/15/2002 12:53:05 AM

I must say, I am quite confused as to where all this animosity comes from agains the Gamecube, Alex! I guess I am more a fan of the ideas of Nintendo than I am with the actual product ... yet, I love the product as well. I have seen nothing but tremendous quality from the Gamecube, and it does kinda stink that there is not DVD player, but I will still take the side of Nintendo. Sony makes gaming systems like DORK Roleplays ... a little bit of everything, and in the end you have no idea what to call his character. The Gamecube is a gaming system. Heck, even the root word of it's title is GAME. It's not trying to be something it's not ... it's not prancing around saying, "HAH! YOU SEE THIS, COMPETITION? I AM ABOVE YOU, FOR I PLAY DIGITAL MOVIES!! VWA HA HA HA HA HA HA!". No, Nintendo knows it's place in the market. It's been around for over a hundred years (don't believe me? look it up!). It knows that its games sell. It knows that no one can take away their king status... and yes, I agree with you that the Gamecube has been very much about graphics. They can push the polygon load like no other system out there right now, but they also push some fabulous games. Have you seen the new Resident Evil? Fun and pretty all rolled into one. Just like with the N64, give it a little time, and you wont regret it! 64dd? That never even got released in the US!

Okay, now that I have bashed your opinion, and I know that mine will be run into the ground, too (stay tuned, folks), I will start a run-on sentence, and think about finishing, but I probably never will. Alex, you rock. We don't have to agree on everything. :) Nighty night.

Email Sam (James) | posted at: 6/14/2002 01:28:55 AM

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