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I first got the art bug when I was just old enough to hold a pencil. When I realized that by scraping this wooden thing against the paper while moving my hand about, I could make it look like shapes were on the paper! I thought it was the coolest thing since the carebears. Artist Photo

Well, I stuck with it for several years until I found the magical world of computers. I put drawing on the back burner for a little while, and pursued computers. By the time I was 8 years old, I began programming in Basic 86, and in a few years, I was working with graphic programs, and a couple years after that, I began learning HTML. In the next few years following that (are you lost yet?) I was working on webpages most everyday, and actually made a little bit of a living doing it. After a while of getting well established as a web designer, and even a non-web developer on the side, I stumbled across a Charles Shultz's Peanuts Gang paperback at my local library. I mean, I had seen his work in the funnies, but this was the first time I had ever seen years of his work all smooshed into a convenient paperback book.

I read every Peanuts Gang book in our library, and simply couldn't get enough. It had been years since I had drawn at all at this point, and in a gesture of awed inspiration, I began tracing his work and filling in the speech bubbles with my own jokes and quips. It lasted about a month, and I would pass the work around to people, getting a good giggle most of the time.

The Author / ArtistAfter a while, I stated having a lot of stress finding poses that I could work with in Shultz's books. I started trying to learn how to draw better on my own, and I once again wielded those infamous, "How to Draw" books. I read everything from How To Draw Animals to How To Draw Beagles From Neptune. I renewed my love of drawing, and still heldfast my love of computers. In the years to come, I would work on both to the point of having no free time what-so-ever.

When I moved to Washington to marry my fiance, I once again put my drawing on the back burner. I got a full time job and a full time life. In the coming months, I stumbled across a Keenspace comic (not exactly sure which comic it was now), and found myself at the bottom of the page and onto the Keenspace link. Upon reading the Keenspace FAQ and services page, I signed up. 2 weeks later (those were the good ole days), I got an e-mail that notified me that my comic account was ready and that I could start working on comics.

I learned how to use the Keenspace Tag's (after a couple of days of trial and error), and started puting up a daily comic. For a few months, I had a comic every single day, and after the initial adrenaline rush, I slowed down a bit and ended up restarting the comic a couple of times. The comic is back again, after a bit of a facelift, and this time, I'm going to attempt to keep it going for as long as possible.