Angst Technology

When did you first know that you wanted to be an artist?

I think I've known I wanted to be an artist all my life. I used to do make animations in the margins of my school books by flipping the pages. I didn't seriously think about art as a career though until I got to High School. Then I took all the art, graphic, design, photography, etc. classes I could. I even took advanced biology to learn about how to draw people.

How long have you been drawing?

Pretty much my whole life. I have some weird color montage done in chalk on my fridge. I apparently did it when I was 2 and my mother laminated it in one of her fits of anality. She loved to laminate EVERYTHING. I was lucky not to get laminated myself as a child. The only reason I kept it is because it intrigues me. It is interesting and colorful and shows technique that I have apparently lost over the years. I don't do much color now and am not as "free flowing" with my art.

What's your usual schedule when it comes to creating your strip? What programs do you use to finally get it up on the web?

I try (emphasis on the word TRY) to do a weeks worth of strips over the weekend. Usually a Saturday or Sunday morning. Sometimes though I get into a day by day rut. Normally this is no big deal for me since as long as I update by midnight the strips will show up. But I feel bad for editors who have to work with me and want to go to bed before midnight. They have to make the pages featuring my comic on their site and that takes time. Basically once everything is done I just FTP it up to the web and send out a notification (ICQ, Email) to the editors to let them know it's ready.

Did your comic exist before it was where it is now?

Nope. Angst Technology went from my brain onto the web in a week. I got tired of spending years trying to come up with the "killer formula" of content and characters that would guarantee success. I just basically decided that I wouldn't get anywhere just sitting around thinking about stuff. I knew I just had to do it. Do SOMEthing. So I went with my strengths
and what I know and created a strip based on what I've done in my life (computer game development and corporate life). The characters are also facets of my personality, so it's easier to write them. I just write for whatever/whoever mood I'm in.

What do you do aside from your online comic? Do you have a full-time job?

I work as a webmaster in Silicon Valley. It is a good job that challenges my artistic as well as my technical side. It pays the bills and keeps food on the table (and games in the computer). I don't plan on making money with the strip, so that has alleviated a lot of potential tension in regards to site traffic, contracts, payments, and all the fun stuff that comes with running a small business.

What are your favorite comics to read during the week (In no particular order)?

I like to read all the ones in my required reading list, but if I'm in a time crunch and can only sneak in a few for the day my must reads are: Boomslang, PVP, Penny Arcade, Checkerboard Nightmare and Polymer City Chronicles. But then I'm always sure to go back and catch up on any that I've missed.

Describe your comic, and feel free to be verbose!:

Angst Technology is a collection of people brought together by their love of games and all things fun. They may not always go about it the best way possible, but they do at least have fun with their jobs. It is the kind of company I would like to work for. =)

When do you most enjoy doing your comic? Pencils? Inking? Coloring? When do you most hate it?

I most enjoy the writing. Sometimes I'll just draw characters and then decide on what they will say when it's all scanned din and ready for lettering. Those are the moments that make me laugh out loud. If I get a turn of phrase right, or the timing on a joke. The least favorite is coloring for Sunday strips. Color is definitely NOT my strength, but part of the reason for the strip is to challenge me. I've been reading up on CG coloring techniques and learning more about color, so in essence it's working.

Who are your inspirations for your comic?

My inspiration comes from my everyday life. My wife, my friends, my job. I have also been lucky enough to have a goodly amount of life under my belt. I am a firm believer that one has to have a life before one can share it. I used to apply this saying to relationships, but I have learned that it also applies to comics (and art in general). I wouldn't have near as many stories, jokes, characters, etc. had it not been for the fact that I've done so many things in my life. You notice similarities and common threads in people and places over time. It gives you a broad perspective and I try to translate that into jokes and funny situations and characters.

What do you honestly think of Rationale? (feel free to bash here, I honestly love critique!):

I like the new site design. =) Very cool. The strip is looking good and shows good characters in familiar settings (late night gaming sessions ("I really should think about going to bed soon.") LOL. And of course any strip with a cat is tops in my book. =)