Yeah, so Alex and Corey were here for a week. It was great... we BS'ed, we roleplayed, we talked about life... it was great. ... I think the best- what? huh? You don't know ... what ... I'm ... talking about.

Of course! You don't know my life story. Heh... like I could assume that... okay. From the top...

I lived in Missouri for a while. 7 years to be exact... man... that was so cliche... anyhow... 7 years. That's a long freaking time. That's High School and Middle School combined. That's how long it takes for bubble gum to dissolve in your stomach acid. That's how long it takes a fart to reach the stratosphere. That's a long freaking time.

Where was I? Hmmmm... something .... about ... space? Dissolving? High School? Missouri? 7 year olds? Bubble Gum?

7 year old high school space mutants landing in Missouri just to dissolve due to the lesser known radioactive qualities of the inhalable intake of Bubble Gum?

No... that wasn't it... oh! Alex and Corey... right...

I met Alex first. It started out with me hanging around him a lot because he had a cool aura about him. Of course, not until he obtained the Magic Top Hat Of Charisma Magnification +5 was he able to contain this coolness into a tangible form. Anyhow... cool guy. I ended up hanging out with him for about 4 of the 7 years I lived in Missouri.

I met Corey a couple years after knowing Alex. He grows on you like a fungus... like a strange, pleasurable fungus (in a completely plutonic sense of the word, mind you). You would scrape it with a butter knife, burn it off with a lighter, or chew threw it with your teeth, but instead, you let it grow and flourish until there's no turning back and it's grafted itself onto every corner of your life and personal space. Thus is Corey. Awesome fungus.

So, anyway, on May 13th of 2000 A.D., I moved to Washington State. Why? Fame? Fortune? Caffeine? Nay... my kindred spirit. My inspiration, my dedication and my rationale in the mist of chaos. A true Rose among Thorns... as easy a light to see in the void of this world as the moon is on an ebony horizon. My wife. Jasie.

So, that's why I'm here. Great! Wonderful! Congratulations to the sap whom is the mastermind of Rationale! What's missing?

BINGO! Alex and Corey. I knew I had left them behind somewhere in the ramblings. Right... they're still in Missouri. They plan on moving here in Spring of 2002. Am I manipulative? Do I secretly hide a magical hat such as Alex's? Nay... We're friends. In the true sense of the word. Not like... acquaintances, or high school buddies that you forget as soon as the bell rings at the end of the day... no... friends. We'll still be bantering on our death beds. We'll still team up against Corey when playing Nintendo, and we'll still team up on Alex while playing a game of Magic: The Gathering. Why doesn't anyone team up on James? Hmmm... I'm still figuring that out. Let me get back to you on that one...

So... that's why the only strips that were up when they were here were their guest trips. Sorry, guys.

Next rant will be on my baby... due date is July 29th! See 'ya then...

- James"



It's 1:36am right now... I'm getting pretty tired. If I start sounding really wierd, it's not drugs or alcohol... it's just the fatigue talking. I could just go to bed, but I figured that I'd finally replace the rant about Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Good movie, I just got tired of having the rant up here.

So, what will I rant about?

Hmmm... there's gotta be something around here...

Should it be serious? Nah, if I tried to type something serious when I'm tired, it would just come out sounding offensive or something. It always ends up sounding offensive.

So... something silly... d... D is a good letter... let's start with that.

D... D... Destroy! Woah... I almost forgot how to spell that. Jeepers... Destroy... destroy what?

The world! Nah... everyone wants to destroy the world. How about... head lice? Yeah.. that's the next thing that came to mind. Destroy Head Lice!

How? We need a tool. A weapon... Destroy Head Lice... with a brick! Yep... Destroy Head Lice with a Brick. Why?

Hmmm... that's a good question... Destroy Head Lice with a Brick, for it's lack of Punctuatlity! It was always so friggin' late to all of the dinner parties. Yep... that'll do nicely.

Destroy Head Lice with a Brick, for it's lack of Punctuality!

Why does it matter if it's late? Maybe it's a dirty, skuzzy Head Lice. Ok... I've decided not to fix typeos from now on. If things are spelled wrong, doo bad!

No backspace going to be used at al..

back to head lifce.

Tardee Dirty Skuzzy Headlice being destroied by bricks. Esay enough. Why am I destroying them. though? Tardiness is hardly grounds for destrucktion.

Late... they ewre tkale lake lak late for a dinner part that was in favor of Ian J for <a href="http://rpgworld.keenspace.com">RPG World</a>! Yeah! Once again, that'll do nicely.

Bad Head Lice.

Rant about Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon