Sharpshooter Zine Link

This is an awesome site! It's so freakin' artsy. I love it. You have to see it to believe it.

Purple Duck Mambo

I love this strip... the art is fantastic, and the strips are very cute! The purple ducks add more than enough interest to keep me reading every time it comes out, and Vi is just plain adorable. A definite recommended reading!

PvP link

Most people that are familiar with online comics are familiar with PvP. It's a really cool comic for it's humor, it's well-developed characters, and it's great plot lines. It's been running for a couple of years now, so the author, Scott Kurz has a very comfortable spot in the Online Comic industry, and even makes enough to live on! Truely a legend that wont soon be forgotten.

Angst Technology

Consistently funny, consistently well drawn, and I'm consistently reading it every day. It's a great comic... great gags, great art... what else could you ask for?

Cool Cat Studio Link

Even though, at times, the script gets a little hard to understand (she's french, but a really good writer), it has excellent art, and the story lines are really interesting. Some of the story lines are a bit weird, but are still very interesting. I read this one every time it comes out.

Todd and Penguin Link

Really cool comic. Many people compare it to Calvin and Hobbes. I can't understand that... it's a Guy and his penguin. The Penguin has no animal that he imagines talking to him, and he's not as immature as the little Calvin was. I compare it more to Curious George or maybe even Garfield (without the food obsession, etc.). I dunno. I just like it. Great storylines and stuff. :)

CRC202 Link

I love this guy's drawing style, and I love the web design he does. The red on black is a little hard on the eyes, but given the theme of the comic, it's totally understandable. :) Check it out!

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