Cool Cat Studio

When did you first know that you wanted to be an artist?

When I was about 9 years old. I was a big fan of
Astérix and even tried doing a comic book of my own
featuring Astérix. I though "Hey, maybe if they see my
story, they'll take it!". I still have it lying around
somewhere :-)

How long have you been drawing?

Since about 9 but I left drawing for playing music
when I hit my teens. I only returned to drawing when I
hit 23. Since I'm 30, I guess that means I've been
actively drawing for about 7 years.

What's your usual schedule when it comes to creating
your strip? What programs do you use to finally get
it up on the web?

T Campbell (my present writer) is usually well ahead with his scripts but I'm pretty much always at the last minute. If a strip comes out on Tuesday, I'll probably draw it on Sunday and Marc will colour it on Monday. The programs we use at the present are from Adobe. They are: Illustrator, Streamline, Photoshop and GoLive. I'm considering getting Corel Painter but I'll probably experiment with it before actually using it for CCS.

Did your comic exist before it was on Keenspace?

Yes. I started off using my ISP's free web space, moved on to atomicrhino.com, to finally be on Keenspot last September 2000.

What do you do aside from your online comic? Do you have a full-time job?

I work full time as a graphic designer / art director. My past times include surfing the net, reading and renting movies. My passions include cats, cars, computers, pizzas and Japanese food.

What are your favorite comics to read during the week (In no particular order)?

I usually don't have time to read them during the week. I try and catch up during the weekend. You can find a list on my homepage ;-)

Describe your comic, and feel free to be verbose!:

Cool Cat Studio is set in a graphic design firm and follows the lives of the people who work there and their cat. The studio is only a setting really since the stories revolve more around their relationships and emotions than the graphic design work itself. Sometimes the stories are set outside the studio. We have no set of rules here aside from providing our readers with exciting and challenging stories.

When do you most enjoy doing your comic? Pencils? Inking? Coloring? When do you most hate it?

I enjoy every aspect of the creation process but pencilling is my forte. I only hate doing it if I had a hard day at work and I'd rather be sleeping than drawing ;-)

Who are your inspirations for your comic?

The people that surround me everyday at work, my parents and Marc, my boyfriend.

What do you honestly think of Rationale? (feel free to bash here, I honestly love critique!):

It's a bit early to tell since it's only a month old. A lot depends on what you're trying to achieve here. If you want Rationale to be an extremely well drawn strip, my suggestions would be to study anatomy and perspective. Don't be afraid to draw something even if it looks wrong, it'll get better in time. Watching movies and paying close attention to their settings comes in handy too.

If the art is secondary, well I guess decide if you want to create well crafted storylines or do a gag-a-day strip. I started out with the gag-a-day and finally realized I was getting bored with it. The only way to find out what's best for you is to continue doing it and it'll hit you one day ;-)

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