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When did you first know that you wanted to be an artist?
I don't understand what you really mean. Being an artist it's not a choice, you're or you're not!

How long have you been drawing?
I would estimate it at close to 10,000 hours. Seriously... as far as i remember i had always drawing!

What's your usual schedule when it comes to creating your strip? What programs do you use to finally get it up on the web?
When the scenario is ready, i do the basic sketch then i manage to ink one picture a day during the week (haha! now you see how i'm lazy).The weekend, when my panel is complete, i scan it and work out the color and type in Photoshop. The next monday i upload my comic on the web and start a new one, and so on! My web pages are created in Adobe GoLive CyberStudio and of course all my work is done on an Mac.

Did your comic exist before it was on Keenspace / Keenspot?
SURE! but before i subscribe to Keenspace, CRC202 was only in french. After asking my older brother to translate all my strips (because of my poor english), i found that place called "Keenspace" to host and make free promotion to the english version of Cavemen Rockers & Counterfeit.The real debut of CRC202 was on March 12 2000, with a totally different cast of characters. After a couple of month, the "normal" characters of CRC202 have mutated as Metalheads and the comic strip, the way it is now, started last december 2000. Definitively we can say that CRC202 was reborn in 2001.

What do you do aside from your online comic? Do you have a full-time job?
I work for a Multimedia company where i participate to the creation of the visual for corporative web sites and build them up, ready for publication on the web.

What are your favorite comics to read during the week (In no particular order)?
I like to read the comic of my friends and follow the work they do! I really enjoy "CoolCat Studio" from Gisèle Lagacé who is French Canadian like me. I also read "Nova Machine" and one called "Rationale"... do you know that one??? My selection is minimal because i don't have time to read a thousand series at the same time.

Describe your comic, and feel free to be verbose!:
Cavemen Rockers & Counterfeit is our funny perception of the 80'S...at that time my script-writer and i where too young to laugh about (mullets, camaro etc...). We have a lot of fun trying to understand and parody the 80's minding. Listening to Rock music from between 1979-1989, and also wearing some "IRON MAIDEN" t-shirts is the best way to get in the mood to create our comic. HAHA!

When do you most enjoy doing your comic? Pencils? Inking? Coloring? When do you most hate it?
I really enjoy the pencil work but the rest is as much fun. What I can hardly stand is arguing with my scipt-writer when a picture is so descriptive that it does't need a text.

Who are your inspirations for your comic?
Most of the inspirations for my comic don't come from other comic authors... it comes from the music i listen, but i think this is a question for the script-writer General Thunder. Anyway he could probably answer the same thing than I.

What do you honestly think of Rationale? (feel free to bash here, I honestly love critique!):
I follow it since the begining and will continue for sure... the jokes are simple and i like it! For the drawing style, i have nothing to say... you explain it on your website :)

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