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DISCLAIMER: You'll notice that this strip is structured a little differently... there are some questions on here that are not on the other interviews. The reason for this is not my picking favorites, but is because I've read about a dozen interviews done with Scott, and it seemed like every single one asked the same types of questions. So, I've tried my best to come up with all new questions for him. Enjoy!

Honestly, what is it that wakes you up in the morning to do your strip,
even when you're really, really tired?

The fact that I can sleep in until noon. Seriously though, between the
excitement of knowing that get to do what I love for a living and the
intense daily fear that if I don't stay on top of things, I'll lose it
forever, there's plenty of motivation.

If you've ever gone through the archives of Rationale, you'll notice that my drawing style has developed by leaps and bounds within the last month alone. I think it's from drawing just about every day and actually taking an interest in art again. As I've been reading PvP over the past year and a half or so, I've noticed definate changes in your style as well, but even in the very first strip, there was some definate artistic quality to it. This makes me believe that you've been drawing for quite some time. What else and how much were you drawing in your past, other than Captain Amazing?

Drawing (especially cartoons) became my passion in the fourth grade when I got my hands on the first Garfield book. Since then, I've always been working on one comic strip idea or another. My first was Zach the Dragon, and I can still draw him and his Grandpa dragon. I've had tons of strip ideas. I use d to sit around and draw our characters from Dungeons and Dragons and the superhero games we used to play. so I've been drawing for a long time.

I know that this information is already on your site, but I figure I'll ask it again in light of newbies who haven't been there yet (God only knows why they would see the Rationale site first, and not the PvP site), but what is your basic schedule when it comes to doing your comic?

Wait until the very last minute to come up with an idea, then draw it as fast as possible and get it up on the site an hour after midnight. I'm not joking, this is still how I work more often than not. But with so many projects going on at once, that's been changing lately. You would be surprised how easily you can let the day slip by making phone calls (important ones too) and working out the business end of it. Suddenly you look up and realize that you better draw.

I've heard that your characters (Cole, Brent, Jade, Francis, Jase, Robby, etc.) existed in a sense before PvP in another comic you did with teachers of a school. Can you shed any light on this rumor?

I was working on a strip called "Elementary" about a staff of school teachers. Cole was called Principal Kirby and he looked like a caricature of me, but his role was the same. When I came up with the concept for PvP, I used these characters and just converted them over.

As just about any fan of PvP knows, you do the strip full time now. Do you find yourself ever wishing that you had another job on the side? To pull in more money? Or do you find yourself living very comfortably on the ad and merchandise revenue alone with PvP?

My dream is to someday own my very own comicbook shop. Like Kevin Smith
or the guys at Antarctic Press. That way I can own the store, have a comic
book store to hang out with and I'll never get kicked out for loitering
because I'll own it.

It could act as a studio as well as a comic book store. That's my dream.
Someday it will happen, it's just a matter of when.

Where do you see PvP in the next 2 years? 5 years? 10 years?

Obviously the next two years will be spent getting the comic book a huge following. I would like to do some animation after that. I would love to put out PvP videos and DvD's. That appeals to me more than doing a TV show first because if I did my own direct video series I would have more control over it.

Do you feel as though the character's personalities have changed much over the years? I know their looks have changed drastically, and I'm just wondering if you're seeing their personalities fitting better into the mold that you had planned for them when they were first developed.

Oh yes. I had no idea who these characters were when I first started drawing
them. The whole idea of Jade and Brent's relationship seems second nature
now, but that was never something I originally intended. These characters
write themselves sometimes.

When do you most enjoy doing your comic? Pencils? Inking? Coloring? When do you most hate it?

I hate not having an idea and trying to force one out. I love the penciling the most. When I start drawing, I find ideas tend to flow better. I'll actually do a lot of writing while I'm drawing. Inking sucks. I hate it. Coloring is something I'm bad at and so I try to get it over as easy as possible. All my coloring is done on the computer so I can get slouchy in my chair and veg while I do it.

Who are your inspirations for your comic? Art wise, and writing wise?

There are so many influences on my work but the big inspirational figures are Jack Kirby, Stan Lee, John Byrne and Matt Wagner as far as comic books go. Berke Breathed, Schulz, Watterson, and Pat Brady for comic strips. I think Breathed was the greatest of all the writers.

I know that this seems like just a plug, but I really do like to know what people think. This is the section of the interview where I can find out what exactly I need to change and develop with more effort. I know that I still have a long way to go with my style, but what do notice right away as far as areas of Rationale that should be developed?

The first great step you took was putting down the screencaptures and drawing the comic by hand. I would experiment with line width. Use a different pen or technique when inking your characters than when you ink the backgrounds.

As we need to, practice your perspective. I'm horrible with perspective (which is why I've avoided a lot of backgrounds in PvP)